Modern day businesses are focused on their USP. And that USP needs to also be served in a unique way to enhance the value of the product/service to the consumer. Today, every investment in IT is a high risk input because of an environment of constant disruption because of continuous innovation.

As a solution provider, we are creating a niche understanding on our deliverables where the boundaries of services and products are blurring beyond recognition. In addition, our awareness of organisational behaviour drives our solution not only to satisfy the CIO but also the other organisational leaderships and their control and comfort levels.

Kalpaja A. Dalavoi - CEO, DALVKOT

In this context, we at Dalvkot IT are a large team of Software, Networking and Hardware engineers who work with domain expertise to create and run sustainable IT Solutions for specific industry verticals that are heavily dependent of the robustness of the IT infrastructure. Our end to end solutions hinge on the need for rapid change in setup, scale and technology while keeping a sharp focus on go-to-market speed. Constant development of domain and industry expertise acts as a catalyst to our value proposition and growth.

Dalvkot Utility Enterprises Pvt Ltd.