DALVKOT Training Institute is a niche educational post school that transforms fresh graduates walking out from various educational streams into industry ready professionals with an insightful and rigorous skill training curriculum.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of students graduate out of medical, engineering, business management, technology education streams and with their academic certification they are well equipped from a point of fundamental ideal world knowledge. However in each of the professional specialisation spaces and regions across the world, there are numerous skill needs that the students will need to acquire. To upgrade themselves with these well established skill sets, DTI provides training for those unique niches that have high demand abroad and within India.

In this context, DTI forms a unique platform that provides the best leap into a professional careers without extending the mandatory/lengthy generic skill development period or internship that exists in all sectors.

While interning is becoming cumbersome and the only available space to acquire professional skills for freshers, DTI will close the skill gaps and prepare students into thorough industry ready professionals in the shortest time period

Kalpaja A. Dalavoi - CEO, DALVKOT

Practicing experts from professional fields offer hands on training in the industry standards and tips enabling quicker hiring and better performance. With our focus on finishing schooling, a dedicated programme provides interview facing skills that can land you your dream job and a better renumeration right from the start.


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