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DWC is pledged to deliver appropriate wound care and pertinent therapeutics.

Our topnotch medical wellness services

DWC is pledged to deliver appropriate wound care and pertinent therapeutics. Dalvkot Wound Care is dedicated towards providing all kind of health care services and medicinal assistance's to its patient's. It is established in Bangalore, India, catering to large number of people in past few years and is continuously striving to be a globalized brand. Being first of its kind Wound Care centre, in collaboration with US based wound care programs it has achieved many milestone in medical fraternity within a small period. We at DWC, treat our patients with love and care supported by internationally acclaimed technology and advancements. Physiotherapy, Laser Treatments, Endovascular procedures and rehabilitation programs are some of our expertised services on cards. It believes in complete care and nourishment of its patients and so it is also providing dietary management advises, prosthesis care, breast implants and others along with nutrition counselings & in-house care as well. Together as a team we at Dalvkot are continuously uplifting the current scenario of medicinal care by improved medicine and wound care facilities and making them available within the reach of common people. We firmly believe that a firms success comes through its customers base and so we provide our services in a customized and affordable way by providing them with an extensive medical procedures for both inbound and outbound patients.


Painstaking wound care efforts

DWC is a highly committed firm with state of the art wound care facility with hyperbaric chambers to provide world class wound care facilities to its patients.It provides HBOT services which uses highly pressurized oxygen for treatment of diseases like migraine vertigo, diabetic foot care, vascular ulcers, post operative wounds, physiotherapy, laser therapy, counselings and others. With top class infrastructure and hospital care facilities we are establishing our foot hold to serve our customers in all respects.