DALVKOT Pharma is a multi-layered Pharmaceutical industry and business entity catering to a large network of leading Hospitals and general public. The division is structured to hold an end-to-end control and flow over research, manufacture and distribution of pharmacological expertise and evolve into a leading Indian chain of pharmacy of DALVKOT with 1%-3% market share in India.

The pharmacy retail business is rendering a wonderful service to the common man in bengaluru. There are 7 retail pharmacies with be 60 across South India with a targeted revenue of $ 20 Million by 2022.

The task of bringing advanced medical and health care technologies to India is a key goal for the Indian business leadership. It is an essential task to put India abreast of world's best to change the nation's status to a developed country.

Dr. Mahesh Kottapalli - President, DALVKOT

DALVKOT Pharma also derives its strength from Centres of Excellence and has invested heavily on creating research centres which closely follows trends in epidemics and can scale up its manufacturing capacity to meet a national or international epidemic. DALVKOT Pharmaceuticals is committed to serve mankind during the most needed time.


Dalvkot Utility Enterprises Pvt Ltd.