Scrumptious food is becoming a rare commodity where in fast-food prep methods are adopted by even fine dining restaurants to carve a sustainable profit while the taste and nutrition value is dropping steadily and satiation index is below expected norm.

To counter this, Indraprakash an entrepreneur, together with Kalpaja has conceptualised the restaurant format that primarily serves a full satiation meal similar to a home cooked food, also traditionally known as "virindhu bhojanam" that is a primary component of all festivals in any region of the subcontinent. The fact that Virindhu Bhojanams are a must in festivals for its full nutrition palette and taste palette to rejuvenate the body.

The challenge to remain an artisanal culinary craft in an industrial world created barriers for profits, but by challenging the norms, VINDOOS has broken into a hybrid of central kitchen and food trucks to spread the joy of a nutritious, tasty daily food for the masses.

Over time, commercial food recipes are missing "love" and more importantly "time" from the list of ingredients. We will put it back and let the food do the talking.

Kalpaja A. Dalavoi - CEO, DALVKOT

Vindoos has plans to have 300 food trucks by Dec 2020 serving approximately 2,00,000 meals a day, that will evaporate food deserts which houses some of the finest talent powering the global economy. The urge of culinary excellence is driven by a desire to influence economy at a higher field.

Dalvkot Utility Enterprises Pvt Ltd.