Dalvkot Utility Enterprises Private Limited

Welcome to dalvkot utility enterprises

A medical Doctor by profession, a celebrated specialist in advanced wound-care, practicing in Texas, US, Dr. Mahesh has started DALVKOT Utilities Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. for his craving to apply his thoughts and capabilities in multiple streams of service to the society.

He is a driving force in founding DALVKOT and has nurtured ideas and talent to create units of service with a focus on health and indigenous markets. He is bullish on making technology work for the masses and also to enable sustainability of cultures of India.

The markets are poised well and the talent pool is immense, the demographics and buying power of the world is business positive. All this in the background of Indian diaspora spreading its value proposition across the world. Higher service protocols, great value and quality consumer experiences are the values we intend to focus on.

Dr. Mahesh Kottapalli – President, DALVKOT

He is focusing on creating opportunities for talent to perform exceptionally and thrive in diverse service verticals of DALVKOT. He is involved in defining a work culture aimed at promoting freedom of performance and strongly believes it is the single driver for talent to thrive in DALVKOT’s business units. He personally participates in setting growth benchmarks with DALVKOT service leaders and encourages them to stay bold.

Based in Bangalore the technology capital of India, the most progressive city to attract talent and having an air of entrepreneurship, the company has ambitious expansion plans in terms of services, geography and turnover.

Walking along the footprints of visionaries of the Indian Industrial and Service sector, DALVKOT’s founder directors are upbeat about the opportunities available to bridge the talent and market opportunities through (i) infrastructural support (ii) skill development (iii) research opportunities (iv) geographic spread, DALVKOT has set foot firmly into creating exemplary value for both customers and stakeholders while providing an opportunity for its employees to pursue excellence.