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India has a very large ailing population with massive challenges on healthcare and economy. While health care is usually too expensive, and completing the full course of treatment is a challenge for a significant population.

DALVKOT Pharma is a multi-layered Pharmaceutical business entity catering high quality medicines to a large network of leading Hospitals and general public at a very reasonable price. The assurance of quality is maintained by our stringent quality norms and strict adherence to regulatory compliance, ensuring the best recovery vehicle for the people remains accessible to all segments of the society.

The need to delve into Pharma business has been due to the state of Pharma distribution and dispensing involved in fierce competition and therefore creating adoption of non-compliance for profits and costing health of our young nation.

With an eye on India’s health map and recovery trends, we at Dalvkot Pharma invest on quality benchmarks, demand forecasting and inventory management and hyper-efficient logistics to serve through our network outlets in key hospitals in Bengaluru and the ones that are planned to sprout in other major cities.


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