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Thought Leadership

Greening the Food Deserts of India With a big drive to service global demand for talent and specialised services, India is seeing

The power to save life with care

The power to save life with care The Indian Pharma sector has a few landmark positions in the world and the future

Why spirituality needs tech support The need for spirituality is also finding a higher platform of knowledge and guidance and handholding for

Cyber warfare attacks include hacking, phishing, denial of service (DoS), and virus distribution. The effects of cyberwarfare are readily apparent. Government departments,

Our relationship with technology is evolving as a result of the AI revolution. Artificial Intelligence is booming, and Each day brings new

Tips to Crack A Job

Face-to-face Interviews, Group Discussion Tips, and Career Guide Anxiety, perspiration, and fear. All these feelings are associated with an interview. Here are