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We find there is a need for a trust-focused Pharma distribution network that guarantees the highest quality of the prescription formulation at a fair cost. Dalvkot Brand strives to provide this reassurance with highest quality manufacturing at a fair cost reaching hands of patients for an effective recovery


VSH is your trusted destination for world-class healthcare. With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to compassionate care, we stand as a beacon of hope and healing in your time of need. At VSH, your well-being is our priority, and our dedicated team of healthcare professionals and state-of-the-art facilities ensure that you receive the highest quality medical services.


DWC is fully equipped with the latest machines and technology for diagnosis, monitoring the condition, and quick healing. We limit the number of visits to the hospital by providing dedicated homecare. Non invasive therapy to treat prolonged illnesses, difficult clinical and surgical problems, in order to revitalise tissues in the patient's body.


Puja N Pujari is a unique digital platform adept at offering quality puja services in the most pious and hassle-free manner. Deftly catering to all sorts of Hindu religious ceremonial requirements, we act as the one-stop solution for getting pundit or purohit and puja accessories. We provide you with cost-effective solutions for observing vital spiritual activities. No matter whether the puja is held at home or office.


We provide off-premise and on-premise catering services. Specializing in corporate catering, weddings, and events at a variety of select venues in and around Bangalore. We cater to a maximum of 6000 meals per shift with our mega multiservice kitchen located in Whitefield, (EPIP Area) Bangalore.


As a solution provider, we are creating a niche understanding of our deliverables with an awareness of organisational behaviour that helps us create solutions not only to satisfy the CIO but also provide other leadership roles with control and comfort levels in dealing with information.


Dalvkot Biofuels is at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions. Our mission is to revolutionize the energy landscape by producing eco-friendly biofuels. With a focus on innovation and environmental stewardship, we are dedicated to reducing carbon footprints and ensuring a greener future for generations to come. Join us in our journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Simulation Academy

Where medical education meets cutting-edge simulation technology. We are your partners in achieving excellence in healthcare education. Our state-of-the-art simulation facilities and experienced faculty provide a dynamic learning environment for aspiring medical professionals. We are committed to shaping the future of healthcare through hands-on training and innovation. Join us as we pave the way for the next generation of medical experts.

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New Dalvkot Pharmacy Branch Opened in MVJ College and Hospital

VYKO-HMS-Succesfully launched in Vydehi Institute of Research Center

HPSN India-International medical simulation conference

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