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Post Code: DVT/PG/HR01 Exp: 2-5 Years Salary: 3-5 LPABangalore
  • Maintaining safety standards for all crew members during production, including providing safety equipment and monitoring conditions on set
  • Shooting footage that captures events or situations from multiple angles using different camera positions and perspectives
  • Operating audio equipment such as microphones, sound mixers, and digital recorders to capture sound during filming
  • Shooting still photos during filming to capture candid moments or create images for promotional materials
  • Directing actors during filming to ensure that they are portraying their characters accurately
  • Supervising a crew of photographers and videographers during shoots
  • Shooting, editing, and uploading videos or photos to social media sites such as YouTube or Facebook
  • Planning and booking shoots with clients to capture special events or moments in time
  • Editing footage to create polished videos with music, titles, credits, and subtitles

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