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Why spirituality needs tech support

The need for spirituality is also finding a higher platform of knowledge and guidance and handholding for those who are making inroads into the centre of spirituality.

We have seen that spirituality is on the rise in the modern world despite the constant intervention of strong rationalist viewpoints. It is one system is in fact making humanity feel that they get better and have a purpose of life. Spirituality becomes that guiding light to the masses in this context. While the process and the goal remain as is from the point of thousands of years of traditions, the means to fulfill this complex practice has created a need for technological intervention.

The path of Spirituality is guided by well-defined knowledge on the practice and outcome of the process, and people constantly pursue perfection in this context. And when the seeking begins, is always a long-drawn practice that requires constant support of knowledge, material and manpower.

As the diaspora spreads across the world, the logistics of material and knowledge and manpower gets cumbersome and cost becomes a barrier and also a factor of discouragement. It is now that intervention of Technology becomes important to fulfil the need for spirituality and the practice.

From a service angle, it is a predominantly unorganised sector that serves a massive demand which is complex and demanding. Online shopping culture fuels the need for exclusive spiritual shopping with care for sensibilities and sensitiveness that forms the core of this exclusive strand of online shopping.

It is considering the serious implication on success of the model, that Dalvkot has embarked on a journey to define a detailed protocol for this mode of logistics, which we call Hyper Divinity Transfer ProtocolTM (HDTPTM) that is first of its kind and may become a standard as it evolves and technology at the core of this belief system makes things work wonders.

In the future, what can people expect from technology for their connection with the Devine? That’s a question that we will await to be answered by the human of course.